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Welcome to Married Secrets - Our registered Trademark is "Recapture the Feeling"

Remember the feelings you used to have when you were dating someone? Why not recapture those feelings? With Married Secrets you can!

Studies indicate that up to 30% of people using online dating sites are married. Why not join a site that is specificially designed for you. With Married Secrets there are no excuses and no explanations needed, just great people waiting to meet you. MarriedSecrets.com has hundreds of thousands of real profiles made by real people, very likely in your area. We are not a come-on or fake profile site, like some sites that are currently out there. We are a real site with real people, and we are proud of that fact. As a matter of fact if you find a profile that you think may be fake, we want to hear about it ASAP! We do not allow fake profiles. We've all seen the sites with pictures of women in bikini's (or less) saying they are in your area looking for you right NOW. We don't think people get fooled by those sites. That is why we are a real site with real people. We are also very proud of our outstanding customer support. Our support staff is second to none! Why not join for free right now and give us a try, and get ready to "Recapture the Feeling".

Married Secrets Testimonials from our very real members

We hear from our members all the time who write us to say they have met the person of their dreams! If you want to recapture the feeling for yourself, join today and check us out. Remember it is FREE to join!

These are just a few of the many REAL testimonials that we have received:

- "I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your site. I was looking at a few others and really just disgusted- I thought that was all there would be. I've talked with a few guys here and there certainly is a mix of how they communicate! It's been very positive, so far.I feel pretty safe here and see that I can block anyone that I don\'t feel comfortable with.Anyway, thanks for making this an option for us married, yet lonely people!" - (female member)

- "Thank you married secrets I have found the love of my life. I owe it to whoever the incredible genius that came up with the idea and created this website! Thank you and god bless you" Sue (female member)

- "I just want to say thank you for your website. I met the love of my life a year ago on this thing and we shared a year of love, passion, happiness and bliss. .....I will never regret meeting him and the happiness and joy we shared. Thank you" (female member)

- "I had met a guy I am still in touch with who changed my life. He brought out feelings I did not know I had. Thanks for the site." (female member)

- "Thank you for a great web site!" -M.I. (female member)

- "Thank you for the great customer service". - S. T.. (male member)

- "I have now found the man I have been looking for a very long time". (female member)

- "Thank you for your prompt attention which is vastly superior to your competition i am impressed, sorry to have bothered you i finally remembered again your service is wonderful and i am a satisfied customer" - (male member)

- "I wanted to let you know I found someone through your site! It took a few months, but I was patient and, quite honestly, I found the most unbelievable woman. We live in diff states, but have met each other several times and are having a wonderful affair"!- (male member)

- "You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it". (Canadian member - unknown gender)

- "I met my match back in June 2007l and I want you to know that this site has allowed me more happiness than you could ever imagine. I just want to write to thank you for such a great service." (unknown gender)

- "This has been a great place... " L. M. (female member)

- "Believe it or not I actuually met someone who lives near me, yes from the site!" -S. S. (male member)

- "Great changes to the MS website! I\'m thrilled and excited about the additions! Great job, keep up the good work. You people are the BEST!" K.G. (female member)

- "..I have found what I was looking for. Thank you!" (B.G. female member)

- "Thank you. Support has been first-rate". (unknown gender)

- "Hello! I've met a very nice person on your site and plan to see him a while." (D. female member)

- "Just finished a wonderful relationship with a 34 year old woman and remain good friends." Anon. (62 year old male member)

- "Your company is just wonderful and professionally done". (unknown gender)

Join us today! It's free. Don't be married and bored or married and lonely, or unappreciated. With Married Secrets, you can have fun meeting up with other like minded people in your area. Isn't it time to "Recapture the Feeling"?.

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